Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vemana on tools

మాటలాడవచ్చు మనసు నిల్పగలేడు
తెలుపవచ్చు దన్ను తెలియలేడు
సురియ బట్టవచ్చు శూరుడు కాలేడు
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ.

mATalADaga vaccu manasu nilpagalEDu

telupavaccu dannu teliyalEDu

suriya baTTavaccu SUruDu kAlEDu

viSwadAbhirAma vinura vEma

mATalADaga vaccu = May be able to speak
manasu nilpagalEDu = cannot hold the mind
telupavaccu = may be able to inform, explain
dannu teliyalEDu = cannot fathom the self
suriya baTTavaccu = may hold a weapon
SUruDu kAlEDu = cannot be a valiant one

Vemana talks about the two faces of human nature.
One may be eloquent and fluent with words. The same person cannot contain own mind. In that case all the verbal skills would only be useless. It is not enough if one is capable of speaking. One must speak with balance.

Similarly one can be a teacher and giver of wisdom.
But, if such person has not realized own strengths and weaknesses his teachings would turn empty words. Only when knows himself and the others, can be a good teacher. One should know what the others know, and know more than what the others know. Then only one can make the others know!

Vemana always gives a principle and makes one understand it with a simple example.
To illustrate the capabilities and their relation to the application, here he takes the example of one holding a weapon and being a courageous person. Mere presence of a weapon in hands cannot make one brave. One must know about own capabilities and about the tools available. Then there would be chance for right application of the tools.

Words, wisdom or a weapon are only tools. Their application for best results depends on the individual’s capabilities. 

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