Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kapu Rajaiah - A Tribute

My blog had more than a thousand page hits today!
The reason is the sad demise of Sri Rajaiah garu.

As I said in another posting on him, I met him only once.
Even before that I admired his works.
Some people do not know that they are great!
Rajaiah garu was one among them.

I feel sad that people searched for him on the net only after his end!

I had written about Sri Kondapalli Seshagiri Rao.
I also wrote about Sri Samala Sadasiva!

All these three great souls departed recently!
Pity is my blog was the source for information about them!

Rajaiah garu gave me his portfolio long back.
It is there with me even today!
There is a frame hanging in my little hall and is reserved for him.
I keep changing the paintings in it frequently!

I don't want to say anything more today!!

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