Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Man - Donkey - Dog and Owl - Story

I was travelling with Prof V Gopalakrishnan.
He is a good conversationalist. 
While talking he narrated couple of stories.

Here is one story about man and his life.

God made all the creatures.
He never decided about the life spans of any of them.
All beings were living long lives.
Some were unhappy with the system.
At last they all went to the God in a delegation and asked him to fix tenures for the lives.
God said "You shall all live for forty years each!"

Some creatures were happy and went away. 
The donkey said, "Enough is enough! I am not interested in carrying burdens for forty long years. Twenty would be more than enough!a'
Immediately "I shall take your twenty years."
Then came the dog and said "Twenty enough for me too!"
Man jumped and greedily asked for the twenty years.
Next was an owl who did not want to live for forty years. 
Man was ready to take twenty years from the owl too.

God agreed to the plan and went away!
Man started living for hundred long years.
The first forty years of life go smooth.
The next twenty years of the donkey go toiling like a donkey!

The next twenty are of the dog. 
You bark, but none care for you!
If one lives beyond eighty, they are the years of an owl!!!

Gopalakrishnan told another one about Dr Radhakrishnan, our erstwhile President.

Some westerner made a comment about some people being fair skinned and some other black.
He ridiculed that the Indians were neither here nor there.  
It appears Radhakrishnan said the following.

God was learning to make people.
It was like making Rotis.
The first batch were half-baked. They were white in color.
Seeing them God left the people in the kiln longer.
They were burnt and came out too dark.
When God really knew the right temperature and time of baking, brown people materialised.
They are the right kind of people!!

No offence meant to anyone please!!
A story is just what it is!!

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