Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maqbul Fida Hussein

I was sitting in the foyer of this hotel in Bangalore.
This man walked in.
I thought I know him.
So, I greeted him.
He greeted back.But, never stopped to say anything.
Then I realised that he is a celebrity!
You sure feel you know them when accosted!

I also saw Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu staying in the same hotel.

I met M F Hussein at the three week long inaugural seminar at CCMB Hyderabad.
Rubbing shoulders with peopel like Vikram seth, Charles Corrhea, PTReddy and whoelse apart many scientists including Nobel winners happened at that seminar.

MFH was to do a mural there.
He never did it!
He sure talked to people like us!

Now, he is a controversy!

I don't have anything with his controversies.
I like some of his works!!
Particularly the horses!!

Let us not get into controversies!
But, enjoy the arts!!

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