Thursday, September 2, 2010

On thnking - Again!!

Here is what I wrote sometime back!

If you ask what you are doing, you will get an answer "Nothing!" Nothing here, according to me is physical activity. Even if the body is static, there are this mind and heart that work at the speed of a horse after all! If they are also still, that would be an undefinable status. I think there is a method of removing everything from the mind. When some people are struggling to make the mind vacant without ideas, some others are able to say that they are not doing anything, so easily! Would there not be any ideas in the minds of such people? or they are not aware of those ideas? If the work is to the body, thinking is to the mind isn't it?

Are the thoughts meaningful or not is another question! It would be better if the decision about what to think about happens with our awareness. We don't have control on the dreams that occur during sleep. But you get the feeling that the dream is interesting as it keeps happening. That the thoughts that occur during the wakeful times search the corners of the mind in a fleeting moment, is our experience! What is the role of the chemical reactions that happen in our brains, in this kind of activity? When told that the father of DNA research, Francis Crick turned to this subject for his research, I thought it was not at all strange!

I thought that everyone gets ideas. I also thought that perhaps not! I now think that on teh lines of Chaduvulravu, the cartoon strip character, I should create an Alochanlravu! I cannot help! I keep thinking for nothing!!
I need comments on what I thought!
What do you think of me?

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