Monday, December 3, 2007

Can you do that?

I really do not remember what I said, but, Joseph said, I have great sense of humor.
I do not think that I am all that humorous.

I had a friend named Surya Rao when in the university.
I clearly remember him walking along a tall friend ( Perahps Jagannath) near the mess.
I was walking towards them.
Surya Rao called me and said " Gopalam! When I am standing next to this man, does it not look like a Zero next to One?"
Do I have to tell that Surya rao was a Plump and fat man?

That is Surya Rao and his sense of humor was perhaps unparalelled.

We were all as usual sitting on the stairs in front of the hostel.
Surya Rao walked towards us. There was nothing peculiar about it.
But, unusually this man has tucked his shirt in, that day.
He never did that ever because he was a fat man.
No one said anything, lest they embarass him.
He walked past and looked back saying nonchallantly "Fault is not mine! It is the new belt!"
He said it in Telugu.
There was a movie those days with a similar sounding title.
We could not contain ourselves and laughed heartily along Surya Rao.

I wish wherever he is, my friend is equally happy as he was!

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