Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It is not my work!

Managers understand this. Workers would understand it much better.
I have been a manager myself.
That too in a Governmant department.
All the appointment orders carry a sentence " any other work assigned from time to time" at the end of the work you are expected to do.
In spite of that we keep saying " It is not my job!"

There is a beautiful story narrated to me by my good friend Late sri Mallik ( B.Mallikarjuna Rao) about this problem.

Read it and use it if possible.

The Palanquin bearers.

Once there was a rich man. Since there were no cars in those days, he had a palanquin and four people to carry it around.
The rich man also had a big herd of cattle.
One day the most favourite cow of the rich man was lost.
The rich man asked the palanquin bearers to go in search of the cow.
May be he has sent the cowherd already.
Our friends, the palanquin bearers, like the employees of the present days said

పల్లకి మోయుట మా పనిగానీ ఆవును వెదుకుట మా పనిగాదని బోయీలనిరి.
" Our work is to carry the palanquin and not searching the lost cows."
The rich man promptly asked for the palanquin to be made ready and started the search himself.
Do I have to say that the bearers were carrying him?

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