Saturday, March 10, 2007



That is the way people in my part of the country greet each other.
It is the Sanskrit equivalent for Salutation.
So, some of my people make it plural and say, Namaskaralu.
Some elders say it is wrong. There could be only one Namaskaram at a time.

When you look into this word from a spiritual point of view, it is said that it it declares your surrender to the other person whom you are greeting.
Na maha!
means I am nothing. No capital I. No ego.
What a way of greeting!
Sastram has also told that you can and have to greet people of all ages both young and old alike.
Tradition does not agree with this idea. Only elders are greeted with a Namaskaram.
It is the youngsters who always are to greet first.
However, the new age thinking is in agreement with the Sastram.
Greet people, because there is God in them irrespective of age.

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Phanindra K said...

Namaskaram nana!!
Nice start to your blog.