Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sumati satakam 2

చుట్టములు గాని వారలు
చుట్టములము నీకటంచు సొంపు దలిర్పన్‌
నెట్టుకొని యాశ్రయింతురు
గట్టిగ ద్రవ్యంబు గలుగ గదరా సుమతీ

Cuttamulu gAnivAralu
Cuttamulamu nIkatabcu sompu dalirpan
Nettukoni yashrayinturu
Gattiga dravyambu galuga gadarA sumati
చుట్టములు గాని వారలు = Those who are not your relatives
చుట్టములము నీకటంచు = saying that we are your relatives
సొంపు దలిర్పన్‌ = in a beautiful manner
నెట్టుకొని యాశ్రయింతురు come to your umbrage forcefully
గట్టిగ ద్రవ్యంబు గలుగ = when you beget a lot of property
గదరా సుమతీ isn’t it Oh! Wise one!
In Baddean’s Sumati satakam there are quite a few poem that explain the effect of wealth. Here he very simply says that when you acquire a lot of money and material, even those who are not your relatives will come to you against your wishes. They will claim that they are your relatives, per force.
Baddena, to me used the word “nettukoni” which literally means after pushing. If one has to be accepted as a friend or relative, it has to be with the acceptance of both the parties. Here, if you are rich, your acceptance becomes irrelevant. The way people push themselves into your domain, you will, perhaps, not have an option of accepting them.
In Telugu classical poetry there is a rule that the second letters in all the lines of the poem are the same. Cuttamu has a tta. Nettukoni has a tta. Then when the matter of the money has came the word used is not exactly necessary there. Money is not hard (gattiga). Interestingly in English money is sometimes called hard cash if it is cash and not kind, that is material. This is a coincidence. Baddena with this word meant a lot of wealth!
It is simply said here that if you become rich everyone claims that they are related to you. They expect you to share some of your wealth with them. A simple truth!

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