Saturday, June 5, 2010

Radio - Vadyavrinda Compositions

All Inda Radio's orchestral compositions used to be very popular among music lovers and musicians too.
They were the examples of creativity in the Carnatic genre.
There were many popular creations broadcast again and again.
Since they were short duration items, the repetitions were welcome.

Here I bring three compositins.

1) Nadavarangini by Sri N S Srinivasan

This is a rare Ragam in which there is one composition of Tyagaraja, Nripalavala or Kripalavala.
Sri Srinivasan composed this for a function of AIR held at Vigyan Bhavan, Delhi.
Later we heard the opening bit as teh signature tune for the braekfast show on AIR Hyderabd.


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2) This is the famous composition of Sri Balanttrapu Rajanikanta Rao - Andhri Kalyani
This is also a much discussed composition from the creative genius "Rajani"

Andhri kalyani

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3) One more piece in the rare Ragam Davasalagam or Desalam. Another Rajanikanta Rao composition.
This is the favourite Ragam of Rajani. I remember a light muisc song he composed in the eighties in this Ragam.


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Let us enjoy good music!!


Sreenivas Paruchuri said...


Thanks for N.Srinivasan's piece! Its indeed a rare piece. The latter two are familiar, at least to me, as they were often broadcast on AIR-Vijayawada and due to my close acquaintance with Sri Rajani. Is the "లలిత గీతం" in దేవసాళగం you are referring to is "గాలివాన రేయిలోన" (female voice)? Its certainly composed in that raagam.


Vicky said...

Excellent compositions and collections thnak you very much for sharing for this wonderful stuff with us.
Can you provide Radios popular sanksrit poem theme music from kadapa station plz try to provide sir...

Krishna said...

vijay gopal garu,

mee collection lo inta manchi sangeetanni AIR collections oka chota cherchina me krushi abhinanda neeyam.

meeblog lo All india radio vijayawada , hyderabad, madras nundi prasaram ayina sangeeta rupakalu, eemasapu patalu pondu parachagalaru.

sada mee abhimanini

krishna k kottapally